Stop TX SB1128 & HB1938
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You Stopped TX SB1128 & HB1938! Thank you.
You did not let SB1128 and HB1938 destroy Mexican American Studies the way Arizona's House Bill 2281 prohibited Mexican American Studies. Now, we go on to the next step. Stay tuned as we announce Librotraficante candidates who will run for office this November.
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Capriglione wrote the House version of the bill.  They are the same bill.
Help us keep them honest.
Down the block from you.
Lobby them.
Texas Senator Dan Patrick: Wrote SB1128
Texas Rep Giovanni Capriglione: Wrote HB1938 
Your Rep Here:
Texas Foco of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Writes a Resolution Against SB11128 and HB1938 & forms an action committee.
The National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Writes a National Resolution Against SB11128 and HB1938 & will be writing a letter to TX Gov Rick Perry.
National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS) Texas Foco Authors Resolution against TXSB1128 and TXHB1938

Note: NACCS has also written a national resolution against 
TXSB1128 & TXHB1938

NACCS Tejas Foco Freedom of Education Committee

Let it be it known that the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Scholars (NACCS) Tejas Foco has convened at the XL NACCS Conference in San Antonio, Texas and has identified an issue of vital importance for which it shall call upon all of the resources and talents of membership and constituents to address.

Whereas, Senator Dan Patrick has sponsored Senate Bill 1128 and State Representative Giovanni Capriglione House Bill 1938 attacking history curriculum at Higher Education.

Whereas according to Senator Dan Patrick, the sponsor of SB 1128, and at the recommendation of the report by the National Association of Scholars, history courses focusing on race, class, and/or gender will no longer fulfill the state mandated six hours of U.S. History in the core curriculum (e.g. Mexican American History, African American History, Women’s History, Native American History, GBT History, and Jewish American History);

Whereas SB1128 and HB1938 undermine the investment made by the state at the K-12 level in the teaching of comprehensive U.S. History and denies students the opportunity to study the depth and breath of the diverse U.S. experience at the university level.

Let it be known that the Tejas Foco opposes Senate Bill 1128 Sponsored by Senator Dan Patrick and HB1938 sponsored by Representative Giovanni Capriglione because it paves the way for the elimination of Mexican American Studies and other Ethnic Studies and Interdisciplinary programs such as African American Studies, Women and Gender Studies, etc.

We have created the Tejas Foco Freedom of Education Committee to organize our resources to defend the diverse intellectual landscape of the Texas Education system for the full edification of not just the mission of NACCS as a stake holders, but all concerned Texas college students.

So has spoken the NACCS Tejas Foco Freedom of Education Committee 

Book Liberation Party, 
Fri, May 10, Noon. 
Austin, Texas 
Capitol Building 
With authors banned in AZ, but liberated in TX: Dagoberto Gilb, Carmen Tafolla (pending) & more!
We will not let our History be discredited.