Stop TX SB1128 & HB1938
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“It blows my mind that in the age of a global economy, Dan Patrick would want to build a border wall around history,” 
[SB1128] [is] likely to morph into what its authors truly intended: an attack against ethnic studies, including Mexican American Studies, African American Studies ...
Media to Stop TX SB1128 & HB1938.
Book Liberation Party, Fri, May 10, Noon. 
Austin, TX Capitol Building
With authors banned in AZ, but liberated in TX: Dagoberto Gilb, Carmen Tafolla (pending) & more!
Come and share your story.​ ​

The Librotraficantes inspired 40+ articles on Capriglione's HB1938 & Patrick's SB1128.
Capriglione introduced HB1938 and Patrick SB1128 the first day of Spring Break. They didn't know   Librotraficantes love to spend Spring Break smashing Oppression.