Stop TX SB1128 & HB1938
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Victory for Ethnic Studies in Texas!

If HB1938 or SB1128 became law, Mexican American,  African American, or Women’s History would not count towards History requirements for a degree in Texas. 

This would have effectively destroyed Ethnic and Gender Studies Programs in Texas. Thank you for refusing to let our History be discredited.

Texas Foco of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Writes Resolution Against SB11128 and HB1938 & forms an action committee.
The Librotraficante Movement is Thrilled to Announce that
United We Stopped HB1938 & SB1128!

You did not let HB1938 take U.S. History Back to 1938 before Ethnic Studies Existed.

We are very proud of the entire coalition. This is just the beginning. We will ensure that the components of HB1938 or SB11128 do not creep into other bills as the legislative session ends.

And there is more History in the making. Stay tuned for our announcement of the candidates who we will run for political office in November.

Librotraficante Lips Mendez, "Tell them to say NO to SB 1128 and HB 1938." Free Press Houston
The Librotraficantes inspired 40+ articles on Capriglione's HB1938 & Patrick's SB1128, introduced during Spring Break-never go quietly into that good night. 
Dagoberto Gilb is banned in Arizona.
We set him free in Texas: L to R: Tx. State Representative Roberto Alonzo; award winning novelist Dagoberto Gilb, & Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante.